Sunday, February 1, 2009

Glasses cases

Sew I'm not quite done with using up all my "HUNKY" scraps. Today I used them to make cases for my glasses. The other is used with pink Elvis fabric. I had bought a cute pink & chocolate polk a dot case from the Austin Stitching Studio. Luuuuuuuved it, but it was just a little to tight and was warping my glasses slighly. She had made them originally thinking of readers glasses. Sew while taking a curtain class recently at the Austin Stitchin Studio, I asked Ann (great sewing teacher) about them and she gave me the skinny on the quick directions. That's what I love most about Ann's style she likes projects that are quick and cute. I love going to her "Ladies Night" she host once a month as all the ladies there are spunky and fun, as well as avid sewer's and I'm always picking up tips and great ideas. Check out her site and the Ladies Night -its a great!


alisha said...

Okay- I definitely need to make some of the glasses cases! Those are completely awesome! Tell me how!

~holly said...

love the glasses case! my mother in law has a birthday coming up.....i feel she needs a case or two to match her pillows!