Monday, February 1, 2010

Two doggies & a T-shirt

Here's a t-shirt I worked on recently. I have been trying to find additional ways to use embroidery because I really enjoy doing it , but how many tea towels can you have and give away? Sew I decided to go for it on a t-shirt I have seen plenty of people have done it, but was always a little timid because of how stretchy the material is. Well if you put some stability on the back of the t-shirt it's not bad at all. Sew.....I got a t-shirt and went to work. This pattern came from Sublime Stitching Hundreds of Hip Embroidery Patterns & How-To. (Love this book).

More to come on the embroidery. Got two projects going!

Sewing with the Girl's

Sew yesterday we had a sewing meeting at the house. Meg & Trish came over and we worked on notebook covers. They both completed theirs, and I have just a bit left to complete mine. I took a couple of pics. Like a duffus I forgot to take pics of their finished products. (Duh!)
P.S. Chubby, Emily, & Callie played lincoln logs for their entertainment.