Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sewing Retreat

Sew if you have read Cousin Holly's blog lately you know we escaped last weekend to a sewing retreat and I agree with Holly that we need to find time to do these more often. We have enough people in our family & friends group to book all the open spaces with our own peeps.

I'm not attaching all the pics, but I have emailed out the kodak gallery link where they are posted and made it where you are not required to log in to view them. Here are a few, mostly mine because I want to log them on the blog, duh. I actually completed several projects because I brought my UFO's.

The "finished" board. Some things didn't make it up, but this is a good sampling of some things that where made and finished.
Embroidery and then pieced together hot pads for a McCord cousin wedding gift. The embroider patterns are free Internet patterns at which Crafty Cherry turned me onto.

Go green bag (thanks Trish for the pattern, again!) for Holly's birthday.

Grandma's bible cover. Freehand pattern using notebook cover technique.

THE JACKET. UGGG. Long story but Grandma has FINALLY received her September birthday gift. THE JACKET.