Thursday, March 26, 2009

Embellished Hoodie on the cheap

Sew I found hoodies at Wally world for toddlers that where in great colors and lined with super soft fur on the inside. To embellish it a bit I used the fake zebra stripe fur and cut out crosses and hand stitched them on. I actually got the idea from a Christmas gift I had given my niece Morgan it was a brown hoodie with the cheetah fake fur. I questioned the lady I bought it from thoroughly because I was concerned about it holding up through the wash. The lady was wearing one and said she hadn't had any problems so I went for it on this project and cutie patootie it is, we will have to wait and hear from Indyanna's momma on how it holds up. In addition now I wished I had added some bling to it, but I know Indyanna's momma is big on the bling and can add it if needed. I sent this in the mail to Indyanna and her momma took pics for me :-) she is so stinking cute!!
P.S. Cousin Holly told me they have these hoodies on sale at Wally World for $3 right now. You need less than 1/2 yard of fake fur and I used DMC floss to attach it, cute hoodie for little bucks.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Peace Out

I forgot to take pics of the latest purse I made. You can see it here on my cool cuz Holly's blog.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Card Making

Last week I went to our annual conference for work at Las Vegas. The conference is good but I always hate the extra time on my hands since I don't gamble, the show's are too expensive and I have no car. So this year I packed some paper, my paper cutter, a few stamps and ink. Well while others where winning or losing, I was making cards building my stash back up. The pictures didn't come out so well on the brown/red/olive one, the stamped area is of a cheese grater and says "grateful for you".

Catching up with sewing projects

Sew, I occassionally I forget to grab a pic of my finished product before handing it off or I get a still pic and it's never as cute as the one with the kiddo wearing the item. Sew here is a little bit of catch up. I wanted to add the pics for memories. Enjoy.