Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick & Easy Twirly

Sew yesterday I was off to the Austin Stitching Studio for another class. This time it was for the twirly skirt. Yes I could have made this skirt on my own, but I might not have finished it, or I would have missed out on the techniques Ann taught. I learned several different ways to do casing, three ways to gather, and a couple hem options, I left with my $ worth of info and Emily (my local model and freind) got a new skirt! Emily's Mom has been taking pics of the clothes I have made for Emily but I haven't receieved any yet so once I do I replace the still pics with the model wearing the clothes. I had made Emliy some overhauls recently that I forgot to take a still pic of them so hopefully we will get a pic of those soon. Looking forward to making more twirly skirts for the girls in the family. I love putting multiple fabrics together it's one of my favorite parts. Need waist and length measurements (child's backside from waist down to where you want the hem to hit).

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pay It Forward!!! Get in now.

As most of you know I'm a big believer in it's better to give than recieve so I how could I not jump on this....... it's the best of both!

Pay it Forward (PIF) what a wonderful idea. I learned of this from where I signed up to be a receipent. (P.S. by following the PIF blogs I ran across several cool blogs!! It was a fun treasure hunt!)

So here's how it works, the 1st 3 folks to respond to this comment that they want to participate will receive a surprise crafty something in the mail between now and the next 365 days. The catch is you then post on your blog and offer to 3 folks. Seeing how only family really has this link and probably only 2 read it, I may need some help passing the word to fufill my commitmment of 3. LOL! What fun!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Glasses cases

Sew I'm not quite done with using up all my "HUNKY" scraps. Today I used them to make cases for my glasses. The other is used with pink Elvis fabric. I had bought a cute pink & chocolate polk a dot case from the Austin Stitching Studio. Luuuuuuuved it, but it was just a little to tight and was warping my glasses slighly. She had made them originally thinking of readers glasses. Sew while taking a curtain class recently at the Austin Stitchin Studio, I asked Ann (great sewing teacher) about them and she gave me the skinny on the quick directions. That's what I love most about Ann's style she likes projects that are quick and cute. I love going to her "Ladies Night" she host once a month as all the ladies there are spunky and fun, as well as avid sewer's and I'm always picking up tips and great ideas. Check out her site and the Ladies Night -its a great!