Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick & Easy Twirly

Sew yesterday I was off to the Austin Stitching Studio for another class. This time it was for the twirly skirt. Yes I could have made this skirt on my own, but I might not have finished it, or I would have missed out on the techniques Ann taught. I learned several different ways to do casing, three ways to gather, and a couple hem options, I left with my $ worth of info and Emily (my local model and freind) got a new skirt! Emily's Mom has been taking pics of the clothes I have made for Emily but I haven't receieved any yet so once I do I replace the still pics with the model wearing the clothes. I had made Emliy some overhauls recently that I forgot to take a still pic of them so hopefully we will get a pic of those soon. Looking forward to making more twirly skirts for the girls in the family. I love putting multiple fabrics together it's one of my favorite parts. Need waist and length measurements (child's backside from waist down to where you want the hem to hit).


alisha said...

Oh that is SO cute!
Lexi's waist is 24, length 15
Demi's waist is 22, length 13


So... Is it easy to make? Maybe we can have another get together and you can teach us all how to make those for our girlies?!

Danielle said...

Cute project and it sounds like you are learning some great techniques to share around with all of us. :)

alisha said...

Oh! It's even more cute on her! How precious!