Monday, February 2, 2009

Pay It Forward!!! Get in now.

As most of you know I'm a big believer in it's better to give than recieve so I how could I not jump on this....... it's the best of both!

Pay it Forward (PIF) what a wonderful idea. I learned of this from where I signed up to be a receipent. (P.S. by following the PIF blogs I ran across several cool blogs!! It was a fun treasure hunt!)

So here's how it works, the 1st 3 folks to respond to this comment that they want to participate will receive a surprise crafty something in the mail between now and the next 365 days. The catch is you then post on your blog and offer to 3 folks. Seeing how only family really has this link and probably only 2 read it, I may need some help passing the word to fufill my commitmment of 3. LOL! What fun!


alisha said...

I'm in! :)

Sew does this mean that people get more than one thing since the same people will probably respond on ours?

~holly said...

i think this is a great idea. but i'm afraid my crafting skills are not good enough---wait what i mean is---i'm not sure i could come up with something i felt was good enough to pass on. i have a couple of people that i bet would love to sign up for the pif though. i'll send them your way. (or rather your blogs way)

Jennie said...

I have other friends that have done this. I think it is a good idea.

Danielle said...

Guess more people read your blog that you thought! :) Would still love to see your crafty surprises when you get them ladies. Have fun. This is a wonderful idea of sharing.