Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finally......I'm using one of my embrodiery machines

If you didn't already know I bought a used Bernina with an embroidery machine module in 2009. The Bernina machine is in top shape, the embroidery module is a gonner. So the Bernina machine is currently for sale if you know anyone looking. I would like to get $600 for it. It's a 180 Artista and is around 10 years old. (Two owners including me.) So when my locally sewing teacher said she was selling her Baby Lock embroidery machine so she could upgrade I jumped on it. I have had the machine since April and I had my first lesson this weekend. Yippee I had so much fun.
In addition I had company. Cousin Holly came down for a weekend get away. She had planned to go to a sewing retreat with her sewing group but I twisted her arm to come down and help me with my new toy. Then at the last minute it turned into a mother daughter retreat as two Mom's jumped in her suburban on the way down to Austin from Dallas. I had my lesson Friday morning and then the Mom's joined us for lunch on Friday. Then we all met back at Ann's Stitching Studio and played for the rest of the afternoon. Which was also a pleasant surprise as we didn't know she was going to open up her work space for us to stay for the afternoon. It worked out to her advantage as Mom helped sort through some of the donated charity fabric and the rest of bought some of the fabric. The money goes to charity how could we resist buying fabric for a good cause????

Long story short here are the wash rags Ann taught me how to make. I was like a little kid showing everyone what I made. Looking forward to more creations.........when I find more time.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Texas Ranger T-shirt Dress

Sew it's been a while since I've posted. This is one of those t-shirt dresses. I made this in July at the sewing retreat for my little cousin Emma (2nd cousin). Her parents met while working at the Texas Ranger Stadium a few years ago. Over her heart is a TX Ranger emblem and then I used other t-shirts to complete the combination. I love how it turned out and according to her Grandma she wears it all the time. Love these pictures she shared with me today.