Sunday, January 4, 2009

Morgan's decoupage jeans

Sew my neice recently visited and had these jeans that she doesn't like so well because the top of the jeans didn't fade with the rest of the jeans when washed. Sew I said I might be able to help...... let's pick out some fabric from my stash. Sew we did and here's what the result got us. I had seen the pattern for jeans similar to this on by the Brassyapple. This is my 1st try at it, I tried several different ways to keep from having a bit of slack in the applique pieces but I haven't perfected that yet. I wish I was a better photographer because you can really see the details of the fabric on this pic. Hoping to get a photo of my neice wearing to replace this photo with in the near future.


~holly said...

too cute. can't wait to see morgan in them.

alisha said...

Those are cute! But I know they will look even better on Morgan!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Cassie, I'm sure Holly won't mind if you are the first PIF even though she is the one that usually stops by! LOL (I'm assuming Sew...Holly is your relative.) If you will please send me your snail mail address via you will receive your gift sometime in the next 365 days. Remember to pick 3 to PIF to as well. You can click on the pic on my blog to save it as a pic and then put it on your blog.
Thanks for stopping by! I always enjoy having new folks stop in. And look what it brought you!

Danielle said...

Morgan's jeans are too cute. Any new projects in the works?