Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hunk Pillow Cases

SEW much going on since Thanksgiving weekend. We had a great time with family over the holiday and then the following week was the mad rush to get ready for the Christmas Stroll that the Graham family participated in. Being my 1st event and being involved on this level there was excitement and anxiety out the wazooooooo! Working the booth was the most fun, meeting people and hearing their comments about the goods made by our family members. The big items that sold at this show where Hunk Holder's (pot holders of shirtless men - see Holly's blog for photo on my friend & family list), Hunk Pillow Cases pic attached and little girl hair bows! What a combination right! Needless to say we sold of out of Hunk Holder's & Pillow cases and even took some special orders for more. There where so many other handmade items that where awesome so we are creatively looking for ways to market them as they will be hits when we figure out this key.

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alisha said...

Love the pillow case! And can't wait to see what you sew next!