Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! Two things to share, one is we got Boo'd. What a neat idea, we received a note and box full of sweets, we have no idea who left it and the note says don't try and find out. So we don't know if it's Boppi's school friends, or neighbors, Angie or one of my crafting buddies we only know a few people in Austin. The note also says we have to boo 2 other people so I shall TRY scatter that together today.


alisha said...

We used to "Boo" each other back when I worked at State Farm. Sometimes we would all reveal at the end, but other years we never told!
Mr. Santana is such a cutie!

The Gills said...

Cute dog, he makes the sweater, which is definitely not a costume. : )