Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wrap Skirt Party

So back in August we had a wrap skirt party at my Mom's house. Holly, Alisha, Kaylee and Jennie where over and we all made a skirt. This was a class I had taken at Craft-o-Roma. The skirt is made of one cut piece and bias tape, can it get any easier??? For my sister's b-day she wanted one, the original fabric I choose ended up being a bit thin and see through and wearing a slip didn't seem reasonable so I attempted doing a reversible one, it turned out great!! Sister loved it, but we forgot to grab a pic while she was here :-( The pic is of the one I made a Craft-o-Roma, I love this fabric!!!


alisha said...

I'm with you on that fabric, absolutely love it! And I love my wrap skirt too! Thanks so much for teaching me! :)

~holly said...

love my wrap skirt. thanks for the party invite!

bob said...

Just curious, what is wrong with wearing a slip?