Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is what I call the "Jen" purse because Jen Reagan Smith taught me how to make it. This is one you can complete in 2 hours or less so its a favorite. It's just the right size for nights out on the town or if your a compact purse Carrier. It will easily hold glasses, small wallet, tissue, phone and lipstick.
So I'm back tracking for journal purposes. These are the purses I have made in August & September testing out patterns and function. This is the ying/yang pattern, the function of this is the best of the 3 so far. I made this one for fun and find myself using it most weekends. I'm get quite a few comments on it, which surprised me because I wouldn't consider it trendy.

The Red, Black & Yellow flower fabric is the Amy Butler Birdie Sling pattern. I love the look of the purse but the functionality is not for me because the it is HUGE. This is also a class I took at Craft-o-Roma.


alisha said...

I really have to get into making purses! Those are all great. I made TJ's diaper bag, but that's it. I really have been wanting to do purses. A 2 hour one sounds like a great place to start!

~holly said...

sweet purses!

Jen said...

I love that you're "web logging"
And am flattered that you call it the Jen. ;)