Monday, November 9, 2009

Lexi's very late b-day gift...ruffle pants and wrap shirt

Sew what's new, I was late for yet another birthday gift. (However, WSM is coming for a visit this weekend, and I actually have her gift finished and her b-day isn't until the 24th of this month!)
Sew back to Lexi's outfit. I found these fabrics at Wal-mart in early spring and fell in love and knew this is what I wanted to make with them. I thought they where going to turn out full length like her sister's, but some how between her Mom and I exchanging inseam measurments they became capri's which is actually how they show them on the pattern. Either way sassy Lexi seems to like them just fine which is all that matters. Plus this way you can see her cute pink boots better.

P.S. Aren't these sassy second cousins so cute!


alisha said...

That's my girls! They totally love those outfits- and they live in those boots!

Danielle said...

Great job Cassie! Those are so cute they almost inspire me to try making some clothes but that is so scary to me. Love that Lexi has the attitude to go with the look!

~holly said...

so cute! you did a great job.

that dress was SUPER easy. scale of 1-10. 3

Cerise said...

Oh my goodness! Those are the cutest pants!! I bet they love them!
By the way those boots you got them are adorable. If I had I girl I might have to steal them!!