Sunday, November 1, 2009

Goodies for my Sister

Here's Shelly going thru her stash of handmade goodies I had saved up for her recent visit to TX.
This is Shelly opening the velcro on the "go green" bag.
Here is Shelly withe the "go green" as she is opening it. My friend Trish had made 2 of these bags for me and was kind enough to teach me how to make them. I love using them and making them for others. (Thanks Trish!) It was a big hit with Shelly, she used it several times while we where shopping the next day and showing it off to her friends and family on our visits. Shelly's cousin made a request for one, I made him one today out the shirtless construction guy material. It is awesome!

This is the back of Shelly's neck where she is modeling what we recently named "spa kitty" I don't even know how we got to this name, other than we where being silly sisters and that's what we started calling it! It is the thing you put in the microwave or freezer and use on aches or ouies and it smells like lavendar. This is the 2nd "spa kitty" I have made the first one JW (Mom) got. They seem to be a hit as well. Have had two request to find a way to make these for feet warmers. I see an addition to "spa kitty" on the way!!!!!

This is photo 1 of a note book cover. Shelly & I both still use compisition notebooks for work, so I decided to give this pattern from the book The New Handmade a try. Love it! So did Shelly. I loved the way it turned out so well that I went back last week and bought the same fabric (It's Henry Alexander's Urban Jungle) to make one for myself. Below is a photo of the outside of the notebook. This pattern was super easy to follow and didn't take all day to make.

This is a photo of the hot iron holder's I have been making. I have made a dozen or so before, but kept forgetting to take photo's of them. Speaking of forgetting to take photo's I forgot to take a photo of the sewing machine cover I made Mom for her birthday as well as the outfit I made for Lexi's birthday. Will have to collect photo's and post at a later date.


~holly said...

love it all! good job!!!

Jennie said...

WOW! You have been busy! I need that pattern for the composition notebook. I give those out to clients for journals and that would be a cheap, fast way to jazz them up a bit. Wish you lived closer so we could have sewing parties.

alisha said...

My girls would love those notebooks also! They are really into writing in journals already!

I need to see one of those bags in the first 2 pics close up. I have a feeling I need to make some of those!

Love it all! OH! And sorry about Lexi's outfit! I keep meaning to get a pic of her in it and it just hasn't happened. We will get one soon. I need to remember Wednesday. Tomorrow we'll be too busy with school, homework, dinner, softball, baths, and bed!

The Gills said...

OH my gosh you posted something...haha I guess you could probably say the same thing to me the next time I post something. I made rice bags as a gift for my girl cousins weekend last year. I don't if they were a hit with everyone else, but I use mine all them time when I get headaches.

Danielle said...

Love all your projects! Would love to see the sewing machine cover you made for JW. I think my favorite is the journal covers. Very cute and creative.