Sunday, November 22, 2009

Charity Holiday Cards

Sew it was time to do some charity work for The Austin Stitching Studio. This is the studio I that I try to spend as much free time as possible at because the ladies there are wonderful and they always have these great ideas and they share!!! This studio does a ton of volunteer sewing for many organizations in the Austin area. They will have a booth at the Christmas Stroll (festival) this year and my donation where holiday cards. Here is a sample of the cards, the pictures didn't come out so well. I was able to pre-cut all the supplies and take them on the road with me this last week and have some fun vs all work while on the road. Need to do this more often!!

On this one the silver snowflakes are embossed which you can't really see on this photo but it added a nice shine to the card in person.

I didn't care for this one that much when I was making samples to determine what to use, but my friend said it was the one she liked so I went with it. Again fuzzy photo, that is a white snowflake in the window.

These two are the same with the exception of the colors (obviously) DH didn't like the blue one and said I needed to make some with green, as it turns out he was right, I like the green one as well.

One last note, I still don't like making those little bows and wouldn't have if it weren't for charity!


Danielle said...

I love all of them! I think the green one with ornaments is my favorite though. You really did a great job and I know it will help a good cause. Hope you have great holidays. Wish we were going to be with you to share them.

Cassie J said...

Ah me to...on wishing yall could be here to for the holidays. I'm sure your adopted family Kuwait will take good care of you guys, or vice versa giving you guys are great host. :-)

alisha said...

Love them all. Both the ornament ones are my favs. I liked it in blue and in green!

Cerise said...

I agree with Alisha. The ornaments are so cute!

Jennie said...

cute cards. I love card is the instant gratification that gets me every time.