Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hooray finished some projects at ASG Day Sewing Retreat

Yesterday was a day sewing retreat our ASG sponsors once a month. It's $5 for use of my friend Ann's Stitching Studio from 9-4. She has recently moved to a larger Studio and this was my first time to use it, AWESOME space!!

On to the finished projects, I finished up the Easter outfits for the little girls. Did some burbcloths that I just love! And one rocking t-shirt. In the process I did ruin one rocking t-shirt (sorry TJ will have to make you another one soon). Also didn't get to the big girl's Easter outfits yet but their material isn't Easter themed so will turn it into more of a spring/summer theme.

Here's the pics


Jennie said...

Cute, Cute, and super Cute! Doesn't it feel good to finish projects.

Cerise said...

All so cute! LOVE the Easter outfit!

alisha said...

Oh my word! I saw a pic of Bossy in his Jesus Rocks shirt on FB and I had NO CLUE that you made it! I can't wait for TJ to get his!!! I actually had freezer paper stenciling one likt that on my to do list ever since I saw it! LOVE IT!!!