Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hedge Hog Pin Cushion

Sew my friend Trish made mention early December she needed a good/cute pin cushion. My first plan after the Christmas rush to complete projects was to make Trish a pin cushion.

I had a different pattern in mind originally but after surfing she references the Longthread which has a list for pin cushion patterns (the actual pattern came from

Once I saw this vintage hedge hog pin cushion I thought I must! Trish is an animal lover and I figured she has probably never had a hedge hog before, sew below was the end result, I must say it is much cuter in person but you get the idea and Trish loved it, which is what mattered most.


Cerise said...

That is such a very cute pincushion! Love the green pins.

That fabric you liked with the rabbit (also a duck and cat) came from Ikea. It was a clearance find but I know they still use the pattern in their kids maybe they still have it.

~holly said...

love it!

Danielle said...

OMG, that is too cute Cassie! It is amazing what we can do with such little items that make them come out so adorable. Glad your friend was happy with her new pet.

Cassie J said...

Thx for the fabric tip Cerise, if I live less than 2 miles from an Ikea, will have to make a trip to check for this cute material!

alisha said...

That is SO cute!!!!!